Visual Report Engine Pro
Developed by: Doron Farber - The Farber Consulting Group, Inc.

The VisualRep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users alike. It is TWO products in ONE:

It offers a broad range of features, including access to the most popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, and MS Access. VisualRep reads all data dictionary metadata directly from  the specified Database, such as tables, relations, fields name, field formats and captions. You can generate a report with the following outputs:

PDF, HTML,Word, Excel, XML, Text and Dbf file. For the PDF file there is no need to install the Adobe Acrobat.

Saves Time
A 95% time savings may be realized because complex reports can be created simply by selecting the tables and fields in a Wizard. In a few minutes you will be able to run a variety of reports with a minimum learning curve.

Creates Relations on the fly
Selecting tables, such as Clients and Order, will automatically create the relation between the tables. VisualRep will inherit the database referential integrity and will create the SQL statement on the fly based on the tables and fields selection.

Wizard Driven
VisualRep’s powerful Wizards will guide you step by step through creating a report or a query. There are three distinct functions :

Each function is handled by its own Wizard.

Easy to Integrate
Developers can incorporate VisualRep into a Visual FoxPro application by calling the report via VisualRep with only one line of code. The developer could either expose the VisualRep interface to the user or provide its own.

Ease of Use
It offers the developer and user both ease of use and flexibility. Much of the manual setup required by other reporting tools is done automatically by VisualRep. Many setup and runtime features of VisualRep are missing in other reporting tools and this product is the answer for that.

Project Driven
VisualRep is a project driven product. It is possible to create as many projects as needed. Each project can have as many data sets as needed  Each data set can simultaneously access multiple Databases such as Access, SQL Server, etc.

Built in Framework
If you program in Visual FoxPro then VisualRep has the answer for you. It has a build in framework that can provide different services such as calling report from any where in your application without the need to expose VisualRep to the end user. Simply by passing the report name to VisualRep it will run the report while working in the background.

Automatic Update
If new tables were added within a database engine, say MS SQL 7, VisualRep will show all available tables that were entered within MS – SQL7. Thus, it is considered as those tables where added into the VisualRep Data Dictionary. This update is done automatically, no need to define the data dictionary again in VisualRep. Consequently if a table is removed from a database engine, VisualRep will no longer show it as available table within its list.

Automatic Report Generation
After the fields and tables are selected, and the query is saved the report is automatically generated. You can tell VisualRep the way the report is automatically generated by checking the “Enable multiple lines” or Checking the “Fit To Page” feature which will generate the report with the minimum number of rows by reducing the font size. You can also generate the report and specify the number of rows needed for the report. There are many more features that are covered in the extensive help file (4.5MB) which will show you step by step how to work with VisualRep. You can download the help file at:

Powerful Parameters’ Form
The built in Parameter Form enables the user to specify parameters for a query, just before report execution. Parameters provide the ultimate in flexibility when running queries. Unlimited parameters can be defined. Any parameter can be used in, a Query, Report or both. Any parameter added to a Query or Report will be available in the Parameter Form.

Parameter Management Facility
Enables the user to create, edit, and implement parameters, whether they are used in a Query or Report. Parameter values can be assigned in a grid or a drop down list.

Audit Trail Capability
Maintains a history of each set of parameter values that are specified when the report is executed. Any set of parameters can be re-selected for the next report execution.

E-Mail your report the way you want it.
VisualRep has a full blown E-Mail engine including an address book to store all E-Mails for later use. It can have the following attachemenst:  HTML, Word, XML, Text, Excel, PDF and dbf file. All of the above outputs could be E-Mailed as a bulk E-Mail or just several of them.

Powerful Expression Builder
Enables the user to create calculated field expression, and reuse those expressions in any project.

Fit To Page Capability
It is possible to define the number of rows for the detail band of reports. VisualRep will reduce the font size by up to 6 points if needed. It has the capability to re-arrange fields vertically if no room exists in one row within the report. In this case VisualRep creates as many rows of fields as needed or will attempt to fit all of the fields within the number of rows selected by the user. If the field is too long it will be automatically wrapped to the next line.

Output Type
Can be directed to a Printer, Microsoft Word file, Microsoft Excel file, PDF file, HTML file, Text file, and DBF file. It has a built in E-Mail engine and the Report can be E-Mailed to an individual or group in any of these formats. A query could also be directed to an XML stream and can be sent via E-Mail.

Can be Called from Anywhere
For Visual FoxPro programmers, VisualRep can provide services such as calling reports from anywhere in your application without exposing the user to the VisualRep Dialogs, Forms and Wizards. The report can run by simply passing the report name (ID) to VisualRep programmatically.

For example, it can be called directly from a "Report" button on a data entry form or a menu option.

Use Aggregate Functions
In VisualRep you may select any aggregate functions just by clicking the Sum button. For instance, an Amount field may have the SUM() function wrapped  around it to sum up the expenditures against a grouped account number.  Other aggregate functions are provided as well such as Min(), Max(), Avg() and Count(). No code is needed in order to use these functions.

Fully Configurable
The security feature in VisualRep can be turned off or on for the VPM framework within the configuration form. Any feature in the configuration form can be also manipulated programmatically.

Data Source Name(DSN) Wizard
Enables the user to create a Data Source Name for a particular database such as: MS-Access, MS-SQL, Oracle. etc..It is a step by step Wizard so a user doesn’t need an administrator to set  up a connection in Operating System (OS). 

What Multilingual in VisualRep Means To You
With multilingual VisualRep, your reports and queries can run in more than one language with no programming required by you. Clearly, VisualRep is now the premier query and reporting tool for Visual FoxPro and clients servers.

Learning Tool
A user will learn how the SQL script is created and how reports are handled with each data source.  The SQL Statement can be reviewed at any time while running the table and field selection Wizard

VisualRep Limited-Time Special Offer: $395 (Save $100)

VisualRep is priced at $495. To celebrate the addition of multilingual functionality to VisualRep, VisualRep can now be yours for only $395, a $100 savings.

VisualRep Competitive Upgrade Price - $295 (Save $200)

Already own a competing Visual FoxPro query and reporting tool? Then, you qualify for the VisualRep competitive upgrade price of $295 -- a $200 savings. "Competing" products that qualify for the competitive upgrade are Crystal Reports, Foxfire!, R&R and StoneField Query.

VisualRep 50% Discount on Second License - $247.50 (Save $247.50)

Need more than one VisualRep license? If so, for each license you purchase at the $395 or $295 price, you can purchase one additional license at the price of $247.50 -- a 50% discount.
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VisualRep License conditions

End-user query and reporting tool.  (1 user license)  

License Conditions:
If you install a full version of VisualRep then it is required to purchase a license per each computer. This way you have the capability to generate, modify queries or reports and much more. 

If you use VisualRep just to run reports or queries then it is royalty free up to 10 users for the same company. Above the 10th user there will be a small fee for $25.00 per sit.

For Vertical market you must call for a price.

Product Price
VisualRep $395
Competitive Upgrade*
VisualRep 2nd License** $247.50

Download VisualRep

* If you qualify for the Competitive Upgrade price, we need proof of purchase for Crystal Reports, Foxfire!, R&R or Stonefield Query. Please email proof of purchase to Customer Service or fax proof of purchase to 732-536-4721. You may order one VisualRep Competitive Upgrade for each competing product license that you have.
** You may purchase one VisualRep license at the price of $247.50 for each VisualRep license that you purchase at the $395 or $295 price.
  • Download Only: The product you receive is download only. You will not receive a shipment with a CD and manuals
  • Reserved Rights: The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. Corporation reserves the right to terminate or change the price and terms of this offer at any time without notice.

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