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High performance object oriented application framework for Visual FoxPro

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Download CodeMine V7.5
    Last Updated Feb 12, 2007 (Help file updated Feb 17, 2006)

This version supports VFP 8.0 and VFP 9.0.

Download the CodeMine V7.5 SQL Server Sample Application
    Last Updated June 14, 2007

The SQL Server Sample Application also includes new utility classes for Server Script Management, Remote Pick-list Management, and navigating remote record sets. Includes minor updates for compatibility with the latest setup dialog changes, and also includes support for using trusted connections to the server.

Download CodeMine V7.1
    Last Updated Jan 20, 2004 (Help file updated April 30, 2003)

This version supports VFP 7.0 and VFP 8.0. It should also work OK with VFP 6.0, although this is no longer officially supported.

LAN User-limit class
    Last Updated Oct 18, 2000 (3k bytes)

This is a simple class for limiting the number of concurrent users on a LAN based application. It can be used to enforce end user licensing agreements limiting the number of users.

Sample SDI style Application
    Last Updated Jan 6, 2008 (121k bytes)

This applicaiton is an example of an SDI (Single Document Interface) style interface. An SDI application consists of a single form, without the main VFP window being visible. This is a useful interface style for small, single-purpose utility applications.

Sample MAPI eMail Control Form
    Last Updated March 20, 2000 (3k bytes)

This sample form shows an example of how to use the MAPI ActiveX controls to send eMail from your VFP/CodeMine applications.

Sample Date Popup Control Form
    Last Updated November 24, 2006 (8k bytes)

This class library and sample form provide a working example of using the Microsoft Common Controls for a date "popup" calendar for entering date values in your forms.

A CodeBook Style Sample Grid-List Form
    Last Updated Mar 19, 2007 (14k bytes)

This is essentially the Order Entry Form (order.scx) from the CodeMine Sample Application, modified to mimic the interface style commonly used by Codebook forms. This is a grid on the first page to list the available records, followed by one or more additional pages to edit the data.

Since there seem to be a lot of people converting to CodeMine from Codebook based frameworks these days, we've added this sample to make it easier for you to duplicate that interface style.


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