CodeMine Framework
Framework for VFP and SQL Server
Down in the Code Mine...

CodeMine is the High Performance Framework that lets you build sophisticated n-Tier applications, without giving up the productivity of the traditional development techniques you are already used to.

Traditional Development Cycle

With CodeMine, you can use VCX or SCX based forms. You can take full advantage of the native VFP data environment, drag & drop form design, and interactive testing. CodeMine’s Interactive Development Environment lets you test your forms and business objects instantly, with a simple push of the Run/Design buttons on the developer toolbar. No need to rebuild you application every time you want to try something.

SQL Server Support

CodeMine includes full SQL Server support using remote views, SQL passthrough, or ADO. The new "Dynamic WHERE clause" views allow you to change the WHERE clause of a remote view dynamically at runtime, by simply changing a cursor property before the Requery() call.

High Performance

Your applications will run faster and use less resources than with many other approaches. This means they will be able to run on a wider range of older and slower machines, increasing the market for your software.

Easy To Learn

The CodeMine Framework has always been one of the easiest to learn and use, saving you both time and money on learning curve costs.

3 Tier OOP Design

CodeMine’s 3-Tier design maintains separate classes for interface, business logic, and data access. This give you maximum design-time code reuse and maintainability, and makes it easy to reuse data objects in web applications.


CodeMine is designed to be highly flexible and customizable. There are built-in "hook" methods throughout the framework to allow you to insert custom code without overriding methods in the framework classes. Of course, you can also subclass or override default methods if necessary to implement large scale customizations.

An intermediate layer of classes between the framework your application allows you to make global customizations without directly modifying the framework.


CodeMine 7.5 supports VFP 8.0 and VFP 9.0. It is compatible with previous version of CodeMine. It is also compatible with major 3rd party VFP tools, including Stonefield Database Toolkit, INTL, FoxFire, and most others.


CodeMine Framework and Development System for VFP
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