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Version 8.0 Beta Downloads

This area is for current CodeMine users who are participating in the CodeMine Version 8.0 beta test program. 

If you are an experienced CodeMine user, and would like to participate in this beta, please send an email to Please be sure to include your current Owner Area username in the email.


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Summary of New Features in CodeMine 8.0

  • New ServerAdapter class to make it easy to transparently support other backend servers besides MS Sql Server.
  • Added CursorAdapter Support for VFP 8.0 and later.
  • The Connection Object has many enhancements, and is now a supported and documented class, as opposed to internal-use-only as in version 7.1.
  • Improved connection sharing for SQLPT & CA cursors, and a new Global Connection Pool Manager. Connections may be private, shared within a datasession, or shared globally.
  • Improved control over record locking and isolation level in transactions, especially for remote data servers.
  • New Global Error Manager object for centralized handling of error events. Methods for error logging have also been moved here, from the Message Manager.
  • New global Application Manager subclass "cmApplicationCustom" of Custom\cApp.vcx. Changes you make to this subclass will be inherited by all new applications you create. For existing appliations, you can use the VFP Class Browser to redfine your appApplication class to be based on cmApplicationCustom, if you like.
  • New support for "Contained" child CDE containers. CDE (CodeMine Data Environment) containers can now be contained in host CDEs, in addition to the runtime addition of dynamic linked child CDEs.
  • New Data Abstract class properties, events, and methods:
    • Confirm() method displays a Y/N confirmation dialog, respecting the local nErrorMode setting.
    • DisplayWarning() method displays a warning dialog, respecting the local nErrorMode setting.
    • cDisplayCaption property determines the caption for dialogs displayed by the object.
  • New Cursor properties, events, and methods:
    • GetRecordData() and SetRecordData() methods make it easier to move data in and out of server-style data objects.
    • LockTrans() method, for locking records within a transaction.
    • New oConn property for easy access to a remote cursor's connection object.
  • New CDE properties, events, and methods:
    • BeginTrans(), CommitTrans(), and RollbackTrans() methods provide a simple "front-end" to the corresponding ConnectionManager methods.
    • lGlobalShare Property determines the scope for shared connections.
    • oHost Runtime Property
  • New Form properties, events, and methods:
    • AfterStateChange() event
    • BeforeLoad() event
    • Confirm() and DisplayWarning() methods, added for consistency with data objects.
  • New Control properties, events, and methods:
    • lSelectOnMouseEntry property for controling SelectOnEntry and DblClick() event behavior for text controls in grids.
  • New Page Frame properties, events, and methods:
    • New BeforePageLoad() Page Frame event is triggered before a dynamic page is about to be loaded at runtime.
    • The AfterPageLoad() event now takes a second parameter, indicating the class name of the dynamic page container.
  • New Message Manager properties, events, and methods:
    • cIconError, cIconQuestion, cIconText, cIconWarning, cIconInfo Properties let you specify custom icons to use for the various dialogs.
    • lBatchInProgress Runtime Property can be tested to see if message-batching is currently active.
  • CodeMine Version 8.0 is backward compatible with version 7.1.


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