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CodeMine Object Inspector
( 270 KB)
This is a freeware debugging tool for VFP developers. It displays the object hierarchy of running objects, and lets you examine and modify property values. It also has a feature that allows you to Ctrl+Shift+Click on any visible object to inspect it.
Stretchy Resize Control
( 5 KB)

Simply drop this control on any VFP form and call it from the Resize() event to stretch the form to any size. Control and font sizes are proportionally resized to match the current form size.
3D Label Control
( 5 KB)
This label control class provides simple 3-D text effects in VFP forms. Supports Raised, Embossed, and Shadow effects.
PostNet Barcode Font
( 1.8 KB)
This is a Windows TrueType font that you can use in your applications to print PostNet barcodes on address labels mailed in the USA. The file also includes a small FoxPro program for generating the check-digit that is required for a properly formatted barcode.